10+ Tips on How Blogging Is Responsible For Your Search Engine Ranking?


Creating a good online presence is not so easy. There are plenty number of factors to taken care off, and Blogging is the major thing of it as it impacts the search engine ranking.

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You have got designs, content, branding, promotion and what not. And on the top of everything investment is the major concern.

While spending quite some dollars in Search Engine Marketing, you can get easy traffic and conversion, but that doesn’t really give a fundamental SEO or Search Engine Ranking success. So you don’t rank organically in the Search Engine. Here whats the activity of blogging comes in.

The SEO Services Report

Don’t Worry, that’s not What I Charge!

Search Engine Ranking or SEO, is incredibly important for any business. You can’t enjoy the same fruits while investing on SEM that you can enjoy with SEO. SEO is a long term success, where SEM or Search Engine Marketing AKA Ads, has its own benefits.

Why Blogging Stands Significant for Search Engine Ranking?

Blogging helps boost Search Engine Ranking quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions.

That question is a search term, and it can be anything.

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A Blog post is that used for variety of on-page SEO tactics that gives more opportunities to rank in search engines and get customers to visit your site.

Remember, its all ORGANIC. And there is no stop of traffic. Once you crack the algorithm of Search Engine Optimization, and understand Search Engine Ranking, you rank at the top of the SERP i.e. Search Engine Results Page, and technically get a larger audience’s CTR. Also remember, efforts has to be consistent, SEO is not like once done forever.

This is How the Process Works in Blogging for Search Engine Ranking:

Write high quality blogs related to your business industry – Optimize your web pages — Include the right keywords in your blog posts – Use RankMath / Yost SEO plugin to do the SEO – Optimize the Alt-texts – Optimize the Meta descriptions – Use power keywords — it makes your website more visible to people – Find out who are entering keywords associated with your product or services – Publish the blog – Do your fair bit of link building – Win the search engine

Quality Blogs Make Your Audience Stay Longer in Your Website | Low Bounce Rate:

The purpose of high quality search engines like Google is to provide the people performing searches with the information they’re looking for. And evidently you want to rank there at the top to get the highest number of CTRs.

Here you must know that once you make your audience satisfied with the level of information and content quality, they keep coming again and again. But that needs quite a quality work. Blogging help the website with this and the search engine ranking flies high.

If someone who does a search clicks on the first link, then finds it unhelpful and immediately leaves to go back to the search page – that tells Google that the first result wasn’t as helpful as they thought. On the other hand, when someone clicks on a result and stays on the website for a while, that signals to Google that this website is actually very helpful.

Evidently if you have good quality blogging, people starts reading it, spends more time with your website and its pages further which is a great sign of online business.

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Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Also you get to have a great work on the bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.

You must be aware that bounce rates really gives hard times to online businesses.

Every day enormous online businesses trying to kill their bounce rate percentage but for all its not happening. But blogs can really help.

Its like, the traffic that comes to your website from a blog post, which technically shows up in the SERP results, they already builds a trust on you. The reason behind building the trust is you appeared in the Search Engine Results Page Ranking.

Further it develops more reason to stick around for a while and read the whole thing than someone who lands on a page with less text or information. And that becomes even more the case with longer, more comprehensive posts.

I Don’t Know How to Produce High Quality Blogs!


Well, is this the concern of fear that you have when it comes to blogging?

No problem at all.

I am going to make a compete dedicated blog on this though, but right now I can help you getting the basics right with key notes.

Best Quality Blog Writing Hacks in a Nut-Shell:

Use headings
Write to answer questions for customers
Understand what content your audience is looking for
Use meta descriptions
Add alt text to images
Don’t limit keywords to the body of your post
Identify highly-effective keywords when looking for post ideas
Naturally integrate those keywords throughout your posts
Link to influential websites
Aim for scannable posts
Aim to longer posts
Internally link words or phrases to other posts on your site
Use AMP in your blogs
Optimize pictures for the fastest possible page speed

If you are looking for more in-depth help on blogging and search engine ranking, then you can always reach me here.

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If you want to learn Digital Marketing | Blogging | Search Engine Ranking or Optimization, reach me here.

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Blogging is all about communicating with your audience. And it helps you in Search Engine Ranking:

I won’t exaggerate, but frankly out of my immense experience of Blogging | SEO & Digital Marketing here I have given some free suggestions to people who are starting, that how they can improve their SEO ranking with the help of blogs.

TIPS – Blogging | Search Engine Ranking

Keywords Algorithm – Focus on 1–2 long-tail keywords forevery blog that you produce. Remember, it should match the intent of your target reader; otherwise, it won’t give you results. 

Keywords Algorithm 2 – Include your 1–2 keywords in specific parts of your post. Like the first paragraph, the last paragraph, the H1 and H2 tags.

Responsive Blog – Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly and responsive. The number of people surfing from mobile is big. Therefore if you are unable to reach these people then you are nowhere in the competition.

Meta Tags – Optimize your Meta description, and use all the space. Many a time’s people go more than the suggested letters and many a times less. Try to write good Meta descriptions that speaks the context of your blog.

Do the Image SEO Part to Work Better on Search Engine Ranking – Optimize your images with image alt text. Images are also responsible to give you traffic, but many blog designers understand it later.

Don’t use too many similar topic tags – Doing so will confuse your audience, and you don’t want to confuse them.

Use URL structures that help your visitors – URL Structure example – Let’s say your domain name is “XZMY.COM”. Now, for your domain, you want to design a blog page that is talking about “continental food” – so the URL should be – xzmy.com/continental-food/

Link internally when possible – It’s called internal page linking in between your own domain.

Use Google’s Search Console – For better content ideas, and to know what’s going on in the globe, use Google Search Console.

Don’t be Out-dated – Your content should be evergreen. Blogging is a vast concept, so as the Search Engine Ranking. No doubt it’s not easy to stand tall in the competition of creating content that is insightful enough.

Need to know more?

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