What are the free e-learning and certificate courses by Google? Does it help for career growth?


~ Free e-Learning and Certificate Courses by Google

There are a ton of free e-learning and certificate courses by Google. But all of these courses are not provided with certificates.

So, it depends on what is more important for you.

If you are looking forward to learning from free e-Learning and certificate courses provided by Google then I have shared the prime source below.

In case, you are just looking forward to gathering certificates as credentials, then you get counted options and you can do that from Udemy too.

There are enormous freeways available to enable courses for free in Udemy and you get the certificate too on completion. I may come up with a microblog on the same later. Will site all the courses where you can enable free Udemy courses.

For now, here are the free e-Learning and certificate courses provided by Google.

Free e-Learning and Certificate Courses by Google

The website where you get all types of Free e-Learning and Certificate Courses by Google available is Google Digital Unlocked.


The funda is simple, you go and click on the Register Button – use your Gmail id – get into free e-learning and certificate courses by Google.


Although the above image says, Get Certified, all courses don’t have certificates offered, and some are paid too.

I have done several courses here. I have completed the Digital Marketing Fundamental course here too, and aware of this platform since 2017.

Let me tell you, the quality of these courses is good. Very well researched, and the presentation is also amazing. Although, am not sure about the updates. As of right now, there are a lot of updates have happened since the last time they uploaded any course. In case they are not updating course contents regularly, then you better be aware.

Overall, it is an amazing source. Here is a glimpse of the same.

Free e-Learning and Certificate Courses by Google

Here are the categories of Course List that you get with free e-learning and certificate courses by Google.


Well, here you have to focus a little bit and realize one thing.

All these courses in different fields, Google is not the creator of all. Here are all the providers of these courses.


Now, the best part here is, YOU HAVE FILTERS.

Filters for everything. And that is why Google is best for its UX.

Let’s say you only want to do courses by Google. Just click on Google and you get all the courses that are provided by Google. And so on it goes for all the other bodies.

The best part is yer to be told, we are discussing free e-learning and certificate courses by Google, and guess what, there is a filter for FREE and PAID COURSES.


Right now, only Fundamentals for Digital Marketing is available for free with certification but wait.


There are other courses that are free, but no certifications, like the below one –


I gave a filter on Data and Tech category, the basics of coding came up. Now you can click on Start Free Course, and start it up.


You can see in the above image, that the course has started, and it shows my progress as a learner, as well as it shows it is free.

This way, there is a plethora of free courses available here, and you can just go gaga and learn.

Recently, this website has added new features like Remote Work etc., exploring this platform to get the most out of it.

Here is an alternative to the above one, which is as good as this one or better and diverse i.e. – Click Here.

We don’t stop here …

If you are a Digital Marketer, then there is something amazing and exclusive for you.

Here is Skillshop with Google.

This platform lets you learn all the Google Tools hands-on for free.


Similarly, there are more sources from Google, as you say it – free e-learning and certificate courses by Google.

For Web Development – https://developers.google.com/web

For Google Analytics – https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/

For Programmers and Cybersecurity Pros – https://grow.google/intl/en_in/certificates/ | https://grow.google/intl/europe/programmes

For Android Developers – https://developer.android.com/courses

Udacity with Google – https://www.udacity.com/google

For YouTube Marketing – https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/catalog/list?category_ids=676-youtube

For Google AI – https://ai.google/

All the best.

Thanks for reading.

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