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Making use of Google Online Advertising platform was never been so easier and affordable. Insight Caja brings you the best Google Ads Service Package for business growth!

The Google Ads Algorithm

If your business is new to the digital networks, then you should initiate with Google Ads for getting the best results in the future.

Google Ads or Google Adwords is the most effective online advertising platform operated by Google itself. It’s also the most widely used method to enhance your digital or online visibility. Millions of businesses are doing Google Ads, but very few of them are doing it effectively. Hence, your chance to rank quickly is not an impossible dream. 

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This is how Google Ads Home Page Looks

Google Ads Today! Some quick facts:

You may be thinking that how you can invest in the idea of Google Ads not being so sure about it. Well, it doesn’t always demand a huge investment. We would help you to strategize your online business goals and then analyze the spending. It has been seen that a normal business makes an average of $2 on every $1 investment they do, which is pretty interesting.

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The Top 2 are Google Ads, Last 1 isn’t

Here we got some more facts and figures to show you on Google Ads:

  • Google potentially dominates the MSA or Mobile Search Advertising, which is driven by AdWords. And you know that 2 billion people in the world only use smartphones for internet usage.
  • The world’s largest online display advertising network is owned by Google. And under this online ad display umbrella, we have YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc. as the major platforms. There are many other small platforms as well. Therefore you can imagine the reach.
  • The Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions each month, which stands around 6 billion a day. So if you are targeting the right audience, you can estimate the scalability.

Why Should I Do Google Ads?

  1. Let your brand shout out loud in the digital networks –

Google Ads is a revolutionary process in the Digital Marketing edge today. It has taken online advertisement to the next level. Your idea behind putting efforts for a longer point of time on SEO and Social Media Campaigns might be useful for getting some organic traffic in the long run. But AdWords can help you reach your brand voice to the end-user within a very short period.

  • Overtake the process of SEO and be a pro –

Search Engine Optimization is no more a proactivity today. If you start now it will take you at least 8 months to rank somewhere on the first page of Google. With the help of Insight Caja, you can get the best AdWords plan the next morning, and there we go. Easily within a matter of a few months, you will even start incurring your profits. 

  • Directly hunt your customers or target audience –

Our strategy on Google Ads, help you hunt your customers demographically. Especially for the search campaigns, you stand out of the crowd and people lands up to your page effortlessly.

  • Bank upon your strong Call-to-Actions –

Doesn’t matter if you are partnering us for your E-commerce website or a business website, we believe any website can bring the finest sale to your table. Call-to-Actions are not effective until you use it at the right place and at the right time. We help you to get better leads by banking upon the Google Ads algorithm and you fetch better customers.

  • Speed up your revenue generation process with Google Ads –

While investing in the digital goals of your business, have you ever thought of the ROI (Return on Investment)! If not, then you are not at the right track. Insight Caja assures you on better brand awareness, visibility and page ranking. Our Google Ads team work efficiently to speed up your revenue in the digital network. 

Second thoughts are harmful in today’s huge competition. If you wish to outrank your competitor tomorrow, take the action today. With 6 years of Digital Marketing and Content Creation, we thrive to achieve remarkable milestones for businesses to make projects successful.

All you want is to rank your business in Google! Then why not to use the best online marketing method?

Try out now!

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