How to Automate Social Media Posts? | Best 5 Post Automation Tools


~ How to automate Social Media Posts? | How to Automate Social Media Marketing?

Automating social media posts has great benefits. You do it for an organic marketing approach. It can also be done for sponsored posts.

For social media content creation, automating posts plays a pro role.

What is Automation of Social Media Posts?

You schedule posts of your every social media platform, by which you don’t manually have to go and submit posts. You take your content and schedule each for a specific time for each platform. It automatically gets live on that specific social media platform at your scheduled time.

Does Social Media Automation Means Automatic Content Creation?


The content you are going to post on your social media platforms needs to be created by your or the team.

Content is not created automatically, it is just the post are getting live on autopilot.

Doing Social Media Automation depends on the process. The process is making all the Contents prior, be it whatever the type of content you are creating. If you are creating LinkedIn Articles, Instagram Reels, Facebook Posts etc. you need to craft it first. Then get into your desired Social Media Automation Tool and schedule it.

I take it this way, for any client am working on their social media project, I study their business first, then analyses what kind of posts would be engaging. I start creating the content as per the plan and once I am sorted for at least 7-10 days of media posts, will schedule the entire set in one day. The process starts again just before we wind up with the scheduled posts.

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How to Automate Social Media Posts?

~ How to Automate Social Media Posts? | How to Automate Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Posts are automated with the help of Social Media Marketing Automation Tools.

There are many tools that help you on How to Automate Social Media Marketing. But not all do the best job.

I have been using these below tools for a long time. I will explain the way about how such tools are navigated and used. It will help you to give an understanding of how to automate social media posts and how to automate social media marketing.

You will get a brief about the UX of these tools and the UI. If you learn one of the best standard Social Media Marketing Automation tools, most of the tools become easy for you.

Before that, you may have a look at the best Social Media Automation Tools hereBEST TOOLS LIST

~ How to Automate Social Media Posts? | How to Automate Social Media Marketing?

Using Hootsuite to Automate Social Media Posts

Hootsuite has several features to automate your social media posts.

It works on Streams. You can create different types of STREAMS that you want to see on your Hootsuite dashboard. Have a look at how my Hootsuite dashboard looks like –

The above images are images of STREAMS.

You can see that my Hootsuite is connected with LinkedIn and Twitter a/cs. Therefore the relevant streams are getting displayed accordingly.

We can also add or remove any stream.

In the top header you can see the options of – ADD STREAM, ADD SOCIAL NETWORK – red marked. That helps you access more.
You can add streams of the specific social networks that you are using, as I highlighted in the above image. Once you add any new stream it will be further be displayed on your Hootsuite dashboard.

Similarly, multiple social media accounts can be added. As you want to know how to automate social media marketing, these tools let you connect multiple accounts and automate the whole process in one place.


To add an account you can just click on the same and integrate your Social account id with the help of your login credentials.

In the above streams, you also get to see a stream called – SCHEDULED. That is what shows you what all contents or social media posts you have scheduled to go live.

To schedule a social media post on Hootsuite, you have to click on the option called CREATE as shown below.

Click on POST and it opens up the below panel.
Select the social account or accounts for which you want to create a post.
Creating a post is very easy. You can use any form of content as a post given the guidelines of that specific social media. You can also upload videos, images, text, links and whatnot. You also get to use features like emoticons and post preview.

Once your post is created the two options are POST NOW and SCHEDULE FOR LATER.

POST NOW lets you post that content straight away on your desired social network. But SCHEDULED FOR LATER gives you the opportunity to automate your social media posts and sequence them.

You have to select your desired date and time for the post to go live. Once set, click on DONE and then SCHEDULE.

The free version doesn’t let you automate more than 5 posts at a time. Also, it doesn’t let you connect more than 3 networks at a time.

The Upgraded version definitely comes with a great edge where the experience is seamless.

It has also got features like ANALYTICS and PUBLISHER. It’s only available with the Upgraded version.

The Upgrade version is affordable for marketers. You can click on the above image and subscribe.

Like Hootsuite, tools like Buffer and Social Pilot or Tweetdeck works the same way.

Here are some glimpses of Buffer tool navigation –


Buffer has no beta or free version. You get a 14 days trial period, then you have to subscribe to keep using it.

Here are some glimpses of Tweetdeck tool navigation –


To understand Hootsuite and Tweetdeck with videos, you can check them below.

~ How to Automate Social Media Posts? | How to Automate Social Media?

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