How to Use Clubhouse? | Best 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse?


~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is something that I have started using and liking for the last two to three months. And guess what, since the last two months I have had a daily reminder in my calendar to join Clubhouse. This liking made me think of coming up with this article and addressing the possible “Know Hows” of Clubhouse.


Clubhouse is a Social Audio app.

On Clubhouse if you have ever used Twitter Space and liked it, then it is something that would release your dopamine.


Clubhouse is all about –

  • Rooms
  • Profiles
  • Clubs
  • Events

The top of all is ROOMS. People at Clubhouse can join their desired rooms. They initially join as a listener, given that they are interested to speak, they can raise hands, and from the Moderator’s panel, someone can pick them up to the speaker’s panel.

There are rooms about anything, I meant it – ANYTHING. It is a matter of searching to find out something you want to get in.

The moment you join Clubhouse, you get to create your profile where the default mode has integrated Twitter and Instagram to connect with your profile. You have to feed your profile with “ABOUT” where along with texts you can use emojis. Well, if you are dropping your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc. the audience can not click on that and redirect. You can still keep it there though.

After joining Clubhouse you have to follow your interests and follow a threshold of nine people to finish your profile setup. You got a wide range of topics here to follow. Likewise Facebook, we have pages and groups about anything and everything there, in Clubhouse the scenario is the same. Well, do not expect the same amount of traffic as FB or IG on Clubhouse as it’s a new Social Media.

As per the data of Cybercrew, Clubhouse has got over 10 million users.

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse


Clubhouse started as an invite-only app. You could only join Clubhouse if you were invited by someone. But not anymore. Now you can sign up with this app without an invitation and start using it.

This Audio Social Media App had its initial release in March 2020, and since 2020 many features and the UI have evolved over time. Its developer(s) are Alpha Exploration Co. and it’s available both on Android and iOS. FYI, it’s written in Python and Django and available in these two OS – Android 7 or above / iOS 13 or above. As of now, Clubhouse was launched with the English version only, but now it has multiple language support which includes regional and international languages.

Before we go more in depth to this topic, here are three interesting facts about Clubhouse –


If the above facts look interesting, you can read more about them here Clubhouse Statistics – The Leading App of 2022.

What are the Features of Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is evolving with its features, but most of the features that you would look forward to in an audio-based social media, it’s there.

I have also taken quite a few important screenshots for such features, that would let you understand it faster.

Feature –

  • Rooms (These are live rooms that you can join created by other people or create by yourself. You can create a room by clicking on “Start a Room”. Once created a room, anyone interested can join that as well become a speaker / listener. Rooms can be in any topic that would help, educate or entertain people and it can be further shared as a post or by direct message by the people who have tuned in to the room. One room can have multiple moderators or co-hosts and these mods hold the complete control of the room.)
  • Events (Users can schedule conversations by creating events. You can also create your own events. Its like a event schedule that will aware people about the event going to happen and they can show interest for the same, and join while live. Like Rooms, Events also have names and it will have a set the date and time to begin the conversation. Events can also have co-hosts to help moderate the event.)
  • Clubs (Clubs are user communities that regularly discuss a common interest. Many clubs are present in Clubhouse representing a wide array of topics and users can find clubs by name under the search tab. Users can join such clubs. Clubs have three categories of users, “Admin”, “Leader”, and “Member”. Each can do different actions in clubs to manage and grow it. To know more about it, you can read this – CLUBS.
  • Backchannel – Backchannel is a direct messaging feature. There are two setups, one is message requests, another is accepted message panel. Initially Clubhouse did not have any texting options, but now you can personal text anyone here.
  • Explore (Explore is like the search option in any other social media. Explore feature allows you to find out desired clubs, rooms, people etc. as per their interest. The moment you open the app the homepage provides access to ongoing chat rooms. These rooms are recommended based on the people and clubs that you are following. In the top of the screen you find “Search for people and topics”, by tapping the magnifying glass icon, you will be able to the explore the same.)
  • Clubhouse Payments (I haven’t tried this feature yet. And FYI, its not available in India, may be the US or so. The idea is, you can send payments using Clubhouse. To know more about it you can read this – Clubhouse Payments.)
  • Creator First (Creator First is a program in Clubhouse that didn’t work in the long run and never started with a massive marketing. Right now, they do not have that feature, at least in India. Hence, I have never used this feature. To know more about it you can read this – Creator First.)
  • Wave (Wave functionality allows users to notify others that they are available for a private chat. When someone waves you, you get to see that by clicking the dice menu option in the bottom of your home screen.)
  • Icon (Clubhouse icon is an amazing concept. It takes a DP of a real personality and then displays it as an app icon. Although Clubhouse has its official logo which is an wave and written beside that is Clubhouse. But while using an app icon, it does something interesting. FYI, the icon face, keeps changing. I have dropped the latest icon’s image below, you can also go and check all their ex. icons by clicking this link – ICONS.)
  • Recording and Replays (Clubhouse rooms can be recorded, with replays. Any conversation that’s happening live, can turn on the “Replay On” feature. After the live conversation is winded up, still people can play the replay and listen to it. I have also heard that Clubhouse lets its users record a 30 sec of video. Never never found that feature. Probably in India its yet not available, or its not there anyways.)
  • Invitation (You can invite people in your contact list to join Clubhouse. If you do so, and the person joins Clubhouse by your invitation, then right at the bottom of his/her profile, it will be highlighted.)
  • Followers (Likewise any other social media, in Clubhouse you gain followers.)
  • Following (Likewise any other social media, in Clubhouse you can follow people.)
  • Share (You can share your profile, rooms, clubs etc. with others in Clubhouse.)
  • Language (Clubhouse is available in multiple regional and international language. Here is a snap of the same. I have not counted it, but I am damn sure its more than 50 languages Clubhouse is operating now.)
  • Settings (Settings option gives you more control to customize your preferences.)
  • Calendar (Calendar feature in Clubhouse can notify you about your scheduled events. Clubhouse “bulletin” displays the scheduled events and allows users to set notifications for events by clicking the bell icon corresponding to the event. Users can access the bulletin by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of the home page.)
  • Save (Save feature in Clubhouse works like a bookmark. A bookmark for saving different rooms that you want to listen later or repetitively.)
  • Block & Report (Profile block and report is a very common feature across social media and Clubhouse is not an exception.)
  • Mod Highlight (Moderators gets a green highlight badge in the live as well as replay rooms in Clubhouse. It let them stand out from others.)
  • Panels (Three panels while you join a room that is live i.e. Speaker and Mods in the top panel, “Followed by the Speakers”, last one is “Others in the Room”)

What are the alternatives of Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

If you are thinking, Clubhouse is the only one dominating the audio-based social network space, then let me give you an eye-opener.

Clubhouse is not the only audio-based social media, it has quite a few competitors. Here is the mind map of the same.


Well, many of these apps here are not a direct competitor of Clubhouse, as in they are not only in the space of audio-based platform but indirectly. If you want to know more about these competitors, this would be a good article to follow, it has information about almost all these apps.

As I have used and liked Twitter Spaces, so am planning to come up with a blog about the attributes of Twitter Space as well.

What are the Pros and Cons of Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use ClubhouseHow-to-use-Clubhouse-Top-20-Reasons-to-Use-Clubhouse-app-soumendra-profile


Why should you use Clubhouse? | Top 10 Reasons to use Clubhouse

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Because it’s interesting!

If you are the kind of person who loves to connect with like-minded people and garner more opportunities and exposure, then it is the kind of social media you would like to be in.

Needless to mention, people who love speaking would cherish their time at Clubhouse.

If you take my example, I started liking Clubhouse by using it my way. I connect with rooms which are about the below topics –

  • IT
  • Digital Marketing
  • Networking
  • Technology
  • Life Skills
  • Startups
  • Design and Development
  • Leadership
  • Jobs and Career and Business

So, by any chance, if you want to hear me out on Clubhouse, then you know where to get me.

My name on Clubhouse is Soum. Here is a quick snap of my profile.


I am a person who likes to speak, hear productive stuff, hence I fall for this social media network. Mostly I am active after 9:30 on Clubhouse, it’s scheduled. If you go to my profile, you will get to find out the rooms I have spoken to and if that has been recorded, given that the mod had kept the replay on.

You should use Clubhouse to get –

  • Freelance Projects
  • Clients
  • Jobs
  • Knowledge
  • Entertainment
  • Connections
  • News
  • Hire etc.

FYI, Clubhouse is flooded with rooms that do sex chat, create abusive rooms, hurts someone’s feeling and brings zero sense, hence likewise any social media, you have to be a wise person to be in here as well.

Top 20 Reasons to use Clubhouse

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

I find the below options to be quite attractive to start using Clubhouse.

  • Live Conversations
  • Interesting and Like minded People
  • Clubhouse is Intimacy without Being Invasive
  • Enormous Amount of Interesting Topics
  • Great Speaking and Listening Experiences
  • Multi-Tasking becomes Easier
  • Host Podcasts
  • Listeners Welcomed
  • Raising Hands to Ask Questions
  • Common Chat rooms to shoot questions without even talking
  • Easier and Faster Networking
  • Drop-In Spontaneously or at a Set Time
  • Not an Anonymous Platform
  • No App Lag but Needs Good Internet Connectivity
  • Default Mute Mode
  • Quick Removal of People who have Intent to Disturb
  • Find Your Community Quicker
  • Quick in Demand Notifications
  • You Meet Diverse Group of People
  • The User is Accountable for the dead air
  • The interface is intuitive
  • Get to Listen Domain Experts
  • Connect Instagram and Twitter with Clubhouse
  • Everyone can be a Speaker
  • Opportunity to become an Influencer
  • Future content might be monetized
  • A Great tool for Branding and Marketing
  • Get Leads and Business By Creating Engaging Rooms
  • Get Jobs and Amazing Suggestions from Experts by Joining Quality Rooms
  • Quick Escape from Daily Life
  • In App Calendar to Schedule Events with Notifications
  • Transparent Atmosphere with Back-channel Feature
  • Only app is the asset, there is no web version or links you can share
  • Multi Language App
  • Good Visual Effects in App Feature

How did I start liking Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Being a speaker and mod in different rooms I get to connect with a ton of business people. Connecting with such people lightens my knowledge. I get exposed to opportunities and share opportunities with them as well.

In Clubhouse I find many budding experts in specific domains. I have helped several of them starting from taking the right decision to getting a job or projects. It is something that gives me a kick too.

It is just two-three months of me exploring this social media, within such a time frame I was able to generate more than 4 leads for my services. Hence, if you are a service provider too, your voice and thoughts can get attention and appreciation and you may land up starting a new business or project.

I would encourage the youth to be on such a platform. In the last month, I see the audience size growing on Clubhouse and youth from 18 to 23 age demographic are tuning in with the productive rooms.

Try it here – Install it here for AndroidInstall it here for iOS


How to use Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

  • Install the from app store
  • Create your account
  • Finish your profile setup
  • Follow people you find suitable
  • Start joining suitable clubs
  • Start following suitable topics
  • Find out what are the topics interests you
  • Join in to live rooms
  • Raise your hand if you have got a question
  • The mod will take you up in the speaker’s panel
  • Speak on the topic
  • Start gaining more followers

How to become a Clubhouse Influencer?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

The clubhouse is comparatively a new social network. Though it is not easy to get thousands of followers overnight or just by joining one or two rooms. I have been using it for quite some time now and maybe it’s more than 20 times I have joined rooms as a speaker. I started with 2 followers without any effort and now it’s almost 150. Hence you get it’s not super easy.

I see people who have more than 2K followers on Clubhouse. The number of such people is not so high but I can tell you exactly how can you get there.

  • Host rooms on a regular basis.
  • Spend more hours in the room that you have created. As within 1 to 10 mins you may get no one joining your rooms. But once people start joining, and you continue hosting the rooms works out well.
  • Take niches that have people’s interest.
  • Become an admin or mod of a club or events.
  • Share your profiles within your contacts as you can invite or nominate them for Clubhouse.
  • Offer value to peoples life.
  • Become a speaker in other rooms as well and build better network with them.
  • Follow other mods and speakers and the moment they speak or host a room you get notified and you hop in to join as a speaker.
  • Creating rooms on trending topics works.
  • Have a completed profile and finish your profile setup.
  • Try to share your credentials in your profile like your website, your blog, YouTube and other Social Media presense.
  • Be active on Clubhouse while providing info, entertainment or infotainment.

Can you do Video Calls at Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

No, you cannot do video calls on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse updated that they are giving an opportunity to upload a video introduction of the individual in the person, but it’s not available in India. It is primarily an audio app.

How to get a verification badge on Clubhouse?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

There is no verification badge so far on Clubhouse.

If you have a look at the profiles which has more than 50K+ followers, they also do not have any verification badge or blue tick. Here are two –


If you Google the same, on the Clubhouse official website also you get nothing.

FYI, Clubhouse is still a budding platform. So, several attractive things that you find in other social media platforms, you may not get on Clubhouse right at this point. But am damn sure they are coming up with this sooner.

What is the difference between Clubhouse and other Social Media?

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is likewise to other social media in terms of its UGC pattern.

UGC means User Generated Content.

At the end of the day if you are not creating content on any of the social media then you are not getting eyeballs. The funda remains the same on Clubhouse as well.

Closing thoughts

~ How to use Clubhouse | Top 20 Reasons to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is good.

I prefer using it while I work during night hours. I join rooms that are productive, at least for me. Clubhouse is a great way to hang out with social media while you are in your senses. Like in Instagram, there are a lot of people who keep scrolling reels without any clue and spend hours on a go. You will get into the Clubhouse and there are two objectives, one is to listen to the speakers and the other is to speak. You get to engage with a POV on this platform.

I didn’t mean that it cannot be a time waste. At the end of the day it definitely depends on the individual, but yet the weightage will be more towards my above statements.

So, go Clubhouse and make use of your precious time by connecting with like-minded people.

Thanks for reading.

All the best.

Here are more insights.

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