How Work From Home Increases Productivity? | Best 10+ Tips for Working from Home


~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Work from home or hybrid work patterns has become a very common practice, both in startups and corporate.

I see a lot of people have issues both ways. And also most of the people are inclined towards having a permanent work from home. Wherein in the other set of people, there is a complaint that their companies ask them to do more than what they used to do onsite. I personally believe it’s not the fact and you are just complaining. But let’s dive deep into it and explore the possibilities of how you can make work from home more fun.

In this blog, we shall talk about the below Qs –

  • How does work from home increase productivity?
  • How can you make work from home more fun?
  • How work from home brings more pros than cons?
  • Why work from home better than working from the office?
  • How awesome hybrid work is?

How work from home increases productivity?

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Working from home can be amazingly great for focusing on yourself.

Here are a few things –

  • Upskilling
  • Workout
  • More Sleep
  • Self Care
  • Cleanliness
  • Mindfulness

You will be able to focus on all the above while working from home.

You don’t have to start rushing from the time you wake up and end up reaching your cubicle. You get to avoid heavy traffic in case you are in Bangalore or Mumbai or in many other cities for that matter. Hence it’s more peaceful. You save time as you don’t travel and have to get readied.

You get home-cooked food so your health is better.

Waking up a little early and spending time on meditation, exercises, gym, walk, etc. becomes affordable. In case you are logging in at 10 AM, you are not starting it at 9 AM as you don’t have to travel.

You don’t rush to your breakfast table. You get to choose what you would eat and consume your breakfast in peace.

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

You are staying at your home, hence you keep your home clean as it becomes a need then.

Again while you log out at 7 PM or 8 PM, you don’t spend time traveling back home. Get out and share some good conversations with your family/partner/friends, take food and go to a sound sleep.

Well, many of these things can be managed well with some ups and downs while you are working from the office also, but with work from home, it’s easier.

How can you make work from home more fun?

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Upskill – If you are into IT, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Creative Space of work, etc. you know how important is upskilling.

While we work from the office, be it we end up finishing our work soon or not, we have to spend time being at the office, talking to our collogues, cross-checking the files and XYZ. At home, the scenario is not the same.

Once you finish your work 2 hours before your sign-out, you still have enough time to focus on your upskilling. You can upskill on different tools, and skills, know technology, read books, etc.

Passion – You can follow your passion.

This may sound absurd, and it’s maybe subjective to specific types of passions but you can carry this.

If blogging, artistic work, upskilling, web dev., etc. is your passion, then you can sneak peek into the progress of your passion, plan about it, or work when you are free for a while.

Workstation – Building your custom workstation.

I have a fascination with good-looking workstations. It feels amazing when you have an attractive workstation. You experience the feeling of working in a great workstation and while you work from home, you need to have it. Working from bed can be painful. Also, while you do a video conference you may not be able to turn on your video. So, workstations help.

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

In case you need to know about how to set up an amazing workstation, you can look into this blog.

Stay Connected – Stay connected with your official team.

Working from home has got this serious disadvantage of getting super disconnected or distracted.

I am not being generic here, but you should watch out.

Being at office, doesn’t spend more than a few mins on your phone, scrolling Social Media timelines, swiping reels or spending time on YouTube. You got a camera up there, or your team is beside, or your manager is keeping an eye.

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Hence, if you are working in a startup then Slack, Trello might be your work hub and share-point. I recommend you staying focused and keeping detached from your phone. You may block IG, YT, FB, Clubhouse etc. during that time. There are several app blockers available or you can also set times. Here are quite a few mentioned below.

Focus – Be Productive!


Freedom to be Incredibly Productive


Stay Focused: Block Site & App




AppBlock – Block Apps & Sites


Block Apps – Productivity & Digital Wellbeing


Plan Your Day – Planning your day is important while working from home.

As you work from home, there might be other responsibilities coming back and forth from your family. In case you get into such responsibilities one by one, you get lost in a limbo then. That may end up with bad results at your work day. So plan accordingly.

Here is another great article as well from Click on the image below to land on that article.


How work from home brings more pros than cons?

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Pros of work from home

  • More flexibility
  • Easy to meet deadlines
  • Lesser interruptions from meetings, chitchat and tea breaks
  • Close to zero micromanagement
  • No headache to commute
  • Increased productivity
  • Saving the commuting expenses
  • Lesser eating out
  • More time with family
  • Enjoy your custom workstation
  • Sit wherever you love to sit and work
  • Upskilling becomes more approachable
  • Traveling becomes easy if you can stay connected
  • More time to build your professional LinkedIn network
  • Better work life balance
  • No formal dress code

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Cons of work from home

  • Make an effort to set up a office space / work station
  • Easy to misread cues via electronic communications
  • Less in-person contact with co-workers
  • You don’t get in-office perks
  • You don’t get to experience your beautiful office campus
  • No physical separation between work and leisure time
  • You may feel more isolated
  • You may end up overworking if you are not disciplined
  • Less face time
  • Lack of productivity
  • Small living space
  • Generic home distractions

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

Hybrid work is the best.

You cannot tolerate going office all the 5 days, its monotonous. You may not tolerate working from home for 5 days, its boring and least diverse. Here hybrid ecosystem comes, and it’s the best.

~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity? | ~ How Work from Home Increases Productivity?

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