How Best Website Design can Improve Your B2B Digital Marketing Success? | 10+ UX & UI Gains


Website has become fundamentally important for doing business in 2020.

Because a website is a online home of your business.

The basic requirement in this case is your website design should engage with all your prospects before you do. Like, if will still make sales, do the marketing and engage audience even when you sleep.

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It is always more difficult to have conversion in a business to business industry then business to consumer industry. Having a website helps your potential customers to interact and engage with your website, content, graphics, product, history and services long before they speak to a member of your team. So technically it builds the communication clearer and faster.

Fun Fact:

Most purchase decisions in the B2B world start with an online search.

Having a website not only helps searchers to find your business, but also plays a key role in encouraging them to engage with you.

Your website works 24/7 365 days.

That is why a quality website is worth it. So next time you talk to a web designing consultant or freelancer, than don’t hesitate to talk more about it, also make sure you are understanding how much effort and investment it takes from the web design professional‘s end.

Before reading the article further, if you want to talk now about it, reach me now. We can talk about your dream website for your business.

What are the Key Factors of Website Designing Before You Jump on the Project?

– Layout Experience

– Visual Appearance

– User Experience

– Server Uptime

– Color Scheme

– Typography

– Navigation

– Content

– Potential Header

– Potential Footer

– Unique Pictures

– Quality Graphics

In which Motive Your Website Designing Plan Should Process?

– Concentrated effort towards building trust of the audience
– Concentrated effort towards building relationships
– Representing a professional appearance
– Boosting your credibility as a legitimate business
– First impressions matters and should be emphasized
– Showcase your expertise and better position your business

What exactly needs to be improved in the Website Designing for better B2B Digital Marketing Success?

The quality of the Website Design Content:

Content has a very important part to play in B2B website. Be it in the website, blogs, or newsletter your content has to be concrete.

Here are the attributes of B2B contents that it should have –

  • B2B contents has to be decision driven
  • The necessary details has to be portrayed well
  • Quality of white papers has to be great
  • Putting good case studies is important
  • Talking about buyers in all stages
  • Talking about purchase life-cycle about your products, experience, skills, and services, are all important aspects.

Website Design Navigation:

B2B websites caters to different user groups. It still talks to a lot of regionally diversified audience.

Always remember your website is going to be visited by small to large sized companies, across different departments, functions, and roles.

Make sure they can use the website properly. It has to be easy to navigate in between the webpages. Best in class Digital marketing Freelancers can ensure that there are distinct user pathways for different stakeholders who have different goals and needs and to direct them with appropriate menu options to their desired page.

Confusing user pathways that add cognitive load on end users seldom make it past the trial period.

Product Details:

What product you are selling?

Did you give all the required details about the product that your clients should know?

If not then this is the time. Start working on the FAB of the products.

F – Features | A – Advantages | B – Benefits (You should satisfy your audience with the product’s or service’s FAB)

image 3

Products involved in B2B activities are usually complex, expensive, and part of a larger system. So giving the right information is always preferable.

Generate Leads with Great Website Design:

Leads generation can’t be ignored. B2B websites design focuses on lead generation over getting high volumes of traffic to their website.

B2B websites has to have great call to action buttons. It has to be visible to induce users to submit their details which can then be used to generate leads.

If all the above is maintained well then your website can do well. Remember, for lead gen. you can always run Google Ads. To know about it you can read my latest blog – How does Google Ads Work for Your Business?

Website Design & Web Designer

The professional web designer works on the Appearance, Layout, and, in some cases, content of a website.

Technically, you have to hire a Content Writer in case you don’t have one or the website designer doesn’t do content.

Appearance, generally signifies the colors, font, and images that are used to come up with a brilliant website design.

Layout, in that case refers to “how information is structured and categorized in that website.”

Not to forget during all these activities you should not forget the User Experience Index.

User Experience (UX) is nothing but focuses on having a deep understanding of users.

User Experience is to understand:

– What your customers need

– What they value

– What are their abilities

– What are their limitations

– Do the feel comfortable to surf your website

– Are all information available in the website

– Can they navigate with ease

– Are all CTA’s working properly

– Can they reach you the right way

UX practices improving the quality of the user’s interaction.

Always remember for a visitor, a good website design means

  • Its easy to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Suits the user group
  • Suits the brand of the website

A website designer should make it the webpages designed with a focus on simplicity, so that no extraneous information and functionality that might distract or confuse users appears.

The website designer has to make the websites work well both on desktop and mobile are responsive and adaptive design. \

In responsive design, content moves dynamically depending on screen size. When it comes to adaptive design, the website content is fixed in layout sizes that match common screen sizes, many also call this static website.

If you are still wondering about where to get the right website designing for your B2B or B2C company then you may find my experience relevant and want to talk.

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