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Google Chrome Extensions is no doubt the best browser out there! And technically it helps you with a lot more features which other browser doesn’t have, especially INCOGNITO. Well, I am not going to ask whether you use it for discrete actions or it’s your habit to switch incognito whenever you are on the browser. Evidently, it helps.

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The Google Chrome Extension Home Page

Chrome Extensions are another WOW factors of Google Chrome, and who knows better than Google that how to create USP.

But with Chrome Extensions we also get a lot of privacy and safety issue in our browser which we surely don’t like to experience.

Issues like –

  • Lesser Speed
  • Slower Down of Uptime
  • Privacy
  • Web Chaces
  • Errors to Run the Extension
  • Slower Down System when you open Google Chrome etc.
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A Recommended Extension Section

There are many Google Chrome Extensions and surely you many of us get confused whenever we try to explore one for a single purpose.

Well, being a Digital Marketing & Content Professional, I should take care of my community people and therefore this content is here to call out the best Digital Marketing Chrome Extensions.

Let me mention this, that all the extensions I am mentioning here, I have used those for long time. And like 80% of them I am also using right now. So I think I am eligible to come up with this content and solve the issue people do have with chrome extensions’ selection out there.

Google Chrome Extensions

  1. Redirect Path
  2. SEO Minion
  3. SEO Stack
  4. Ubersuggest
  5. Google PageSpeed
  6. Grammarly
  7. BuzzSumo
  8. MozBar
  9. SimilarWeb
  10. SEO Meta in 1 Click
  11. Hunter (Email Hunter)
  12. Majestic Backlink Analyzer
  13. Boomerang for Gmail
  14. GMass for Gmail Mass Mailing
  15. One-Click Extension Manager
  16. MOZ
  17. Similarweb
  18. SEOquake
  19. Snov.io Email Finder
  20. Keywords Everywhere
  21. SERPStat
  22. Mangools
  23. Page Analytics
  24. Tag Assistant for GTM
  25. Wappalyzer
image 10
An Example of how to find Chrome Extensions by Name

Free Google Chrome Extensions

You might be thinking that these extensions are free!

image 7
Even You Can Search for Free

Well YES, but not ALL!

Several chrome extensions among the above are completely free and few are paid.

image 8
The Extensions that I am using now

All these extensions are available in the Google Chrome store only. I think Mangools extension is not available there. In case you don’t get it there you can download that Mangools extension from here. It’s a paid tool though. It doesn’t work for free more than three times.


All chrome extensions will not be useful for everyone, but make sure, you find out each, read about the tools, and then explore once. That would give you an idea whether you want to use that or not and is it really productive for your works or not.

I am soon coming with a complete analysis and description of many of these chrome extensions in my blog so you can be intact with the updates to know insights further.  


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