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Paid marketing, Sponsored Ads are in raze today in the digital marketing domain!

No doubt ads drive great Traffic, Leads & Brand Awareness. After organic marketing on Social Media and Search Engine Optimization the very immediate thing that you can do is running ads for your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Among all the digital marketing ads types, businesses are trying Google ads the most for gaining the utmost revenue.

Well, great that, Google Ads are amazing. Here you get a complete dynamic panel to do the most out of it, and yes, not to forget mentioning, you can do that at a very affordable cost.

Google Ads Home
Campaign Types in Google Ads

But, being a Digital Marketing Professional, I must say, many people managing the Google Ads, really need to read out these Google Ads Tips. Yes, I get enough insights about what’s happening in the world of paid digital marketing.

Why do you need to hear these Google Ads Tips?

Even though you have huge expectations from the ads, as you have paid for it. But eventually you see, that these campaigns are not even running successfully. Something like this in the picture –

No Insights | Broken Campaign

Well, I know, you have checked these –

  • You have loaded the keywords (Checked)
  • Prepared the creative for the campaign (Checked)
  • Prepared the Landing Page for the campaign (Checked)
  • Seems now its the time to get leads. But ERROR Occurs.

Like you, there are businesses which are facing similar troubles with Google ads and they don’t have the right consultant or insights available to fix it.

Hence, in such a condition, you need Google Ads Tips.

FAQ Portal Google Ads Tips

Well, you can visit Google Ads Official FAQ Page. OR, Keep Reading My Google Ads Tips As A Pro.

There can be various reasons that your ads are not showing up on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. But what are most possible reasons, I can help you get the right insights on Google Ads Tips.

Google Ads Tips for Best Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

Here are the possible ten reasons that your ads are not showing up! Keep reading …

Check if your Google Ads Campaign/Ad Group is paused | Digital Marketing Campaigns

Firstly check the status of your Google Ads. A fundamental element for any Digital Marketing Campaign or Ad Group is Active vs. Paused status.

Although you kept it to active, who knows whether there was some technical glitch and now it’s paused.

Here Check the Ads Group & Campaigns

Hence give it some time and frequently check that the Campaign and Google Ads Group are set to Active.

Make sure you are running ads on the right keyword | Keyword Insights

Having a low search volume can be the biggest reason of not running your Google ads. Did you take some time and did the keyword research before you bid on that keyword? Do you have proper insights and ideas about the right keywords on your domain of business?

If not then you are not doing it right way.

Low search volume could be another reason your ads are not getting any impressions.

The Tool to Do Keywords Research

You can check if your account’s keywords have low search volume by clicking into the Keyword section and checking the Status column.

Discover Your Keywords

If that is the case you have to take quick actions. Make sure you are checking with the Google Keyword Planner before you are setting any Google Ads.

Make sure your ad is approved | Google Ads Tips

Are you sure that the ad you are running is not disapproved?

Your ads will be disapproved if the Google Ads text does not adhere to Google’s ad text policy.

Google works on quality, hence if you do not meet the terms and conditions of the Google Ads policy then your ad will not be approved.

The One Approved

To ensure about it, you can manually check ad approvals in Google Ads by clicking into the Ads tab for your campaign and checking the Status column. It will let you know about the ads that are –

  • Approved
  • Disapproved
  • Approved (Limited)

In case your ad is not approved, you must –

  • Click on the small question mark
  • Read the details on the ad’s status
  • Consult Google Ads
  • Take action

Make sure your selected keyword is approved | Google Ads Tips & Insights

Insights about keywords is not over!

Digital Marketing is vast, therefore the checks are also vaster.

Look if you your keyword/keywords you have selected is/are not Disapproved Keywords in Google Ads.

Google ads doesn’t qualify all the keywords that you decide to run an ad on. It reviews and approves your Google Ads Campaign keywords.

Keywords For Campaigns
Sample Approve Green Signal Keywords
Look at the Marked Panel for Keywords

Ex. In Google ads, it will does not permit your keyword if it’s related to the advertising products and websites related to –

  • Firearms
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes
  • Pornography
  • Hard alcohol
  • Fireworks etc.

To check this –

  • Click into the Keywords tab
  • Check the status column of the ad in question
  • To get full details, check with Google ads

Are you are not running ads on negative keywords? | Google Ads Tips & Insights

The negative keyword algorithm in Google is tricky.

It’s a good way to block undesired traffic. But while working on the negative keywords you have to be very careful.

If you have enough insights about the Google Ads Digital Marketing Campaign Algorithm then only you can do it the right way.

While using broad match modified keywords than you have to be more cautious.

Negative Keywords Panel
  • Firstly review your negative keyword list.
  • Make sure that you have not added negative keywords to campaigns.
  • Make sure that you have no negative keywords to your Google Ads groups.
  • Nullify your keywords within any given ad group.

Make sure you have done no mistake on scheduling and targeting of your ads | Google Ads Tips & Insights

Likewise the budget for each of your Google Ads campaigns, you also get to set the advertising schedule for each campaign.

Many of the newbie makes mistake in this phase of Google ads, definitely, they have less practice, lesser insights, and no Google Ads tips. But further they improve once they start exploring it.

The Panel of Audience Targeting

In this action you give instructions to Google Ads that which days of the week and hours of the day you’d like your ads to show.

Here, you have to make sure you have done it rightly, if not that surely a lot of your audiences are not getting your google ads.

Are you working on your budget properly? | Google Ads Tips & Insights

Are you getting this message that your Keywords Bids Exceed Daily Budget?

If that is the case then you have got problem with your budgeting decisions. You got to fix it as soon as possible.

Shortcut to Optimize Budget
image 14
The Budget Optimization Panel

Your keyword bids may be too high for your daily budget. And if that happens then Google is not going to show your ads.  So in such case you can lower bids or increase your daily budget.

Did you schedule your ads on the right time? | Google Ads Tips & Insights

Scheduling is the most important action in Google Ads.

You should take when it comes to Google ads if your ad is poorly planned then it will surely prevent your ads from showing for your target audience.

Optimize the Start & End Date

So for an obvious reason the entire ad and spending goes for a toss.

Keep watching the schedule frequently and definitely while you set an ad for the first time, it would give you amazing digital marketing insights about your campaigns.

Are you running your ad on a focused group or its random? | Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

Each of the ad groups within your Google Ads account consists of two components: keywords and ads.

There’s a reason Google houses them under the same roof.

The Map Representation in the Google Ads

The keywords and ads living within the same ad group are tied together. It’s difficult to represent your ads to the right group if you do not instruct. So make sure this is done neatly. Most of the digital marketing campaigns needs such detailed observations.

Patience is the key – Be it G-Ads or any Digital Marketing Campaign

Last but not the least!

No doubt in some case when you perfectly optimize everything still you do not get quick results. In such a case, keep patience. You will surely get the benefits of spending on Google ads if you are doing it rightly.


Google ads are helpful for business if you can manage and run them properly. All the technical factors discussed here stands significant. Follow the instructions given to get best results.

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